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‘Recharge Plus by Anuradha Pal’.......
Anuradha Pal's Recharge Plus album available for digital download on iTunes , Amazon , Artist Aloud , Hungama, Airtel Wynk, Spotify, 7digital, Vodafone Re. 1 store, Reliance all@1 store, Aircel pocket Store & Airtel super store & all other major music stores around the world.
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Anuradha Pal's Recharge Plus! Album features an electrifying fusion of Indian Vocals - Semi-Classical/ Folk/ Classical with Western Classical, Latin, African, Middle Eastern and Jazz Music, using an exhilarating array of instruments from around the globe - like Saxophone, Tabla, Piano, Violin, Mandolin, Taphon, Mridangam, Bass, Drumset, Congas, Darbuka, Sarangi, Pakhawaj, Udu, Ghatam, Shehnai, Harp, Oud, Duff, Udukku, Keyboards, Sitar, Kanjira, Bongo, Madal Tarang, Timbale, Cajon, Marimba, Darabuka, Djembe, and Church Organ with mouth percussion!!!.. Experience the magic of Fusion like never before!

“A disciple of the great Ustad Allarakha and Zakir Hussain, tabla exponent Anuradha Pal has established herself as an outstanding and innovative percussionist in her own right. Besides accompanying Hindustani classical musicians, she has been involved with experimental music through her all-female group Stree Shakti and the fusion outfit Recharge.
Anuradha's latest album 'Recharge Plus' is a follow-up to the mighty impressive 'Get Recharged !!!!'. Featuring an array of talented musicians, it is one of the most brilliant fusion albums to be released over the past couple of years, blending styles as diverse as Hindustani, Carnatic, Indian folk, devotional, jazz, Middle Eastern, African, Latino and even western classical to create some splendid sounds.

Besides composing the tunes, Anuradha herself plays an assortment of drums here. Apart from the tabla, she uses the pakhawaj, kanjira, djembe, darbouka, udu and bongos. And though other musicians chip in with mridangam, ghatam, cajon, timbales and the traditional drumkit, the album is not dominated by percussion. Smart and judicious use of keyboards, sarangi, sitar, shehnai, violin and saxophone, among other instruments, lend a complete feel.

Seven of the eight tracks consist of Indian vocals. Strangely, all the vocalists - Sandip Bhattacharjee, Aditya Khandwe, Nanu Gurjar, Vaishali Samant and Chandanabala - have been credited together, and one wishes the liner notes had mentioned who had sung which song.

The album begins with 'High Voltage', which stays true to its title. Bursting with energy, it begins with percussion and keyboards, before using impeccable vocal taranas and taans. 'Desire', which talks of waiting for a loved one, is a nice blend of the semi-classical thumri style with Latino and jazz melodies.

'Just One God' is a marvellous amalgam. It begins with the mantra 'Ya devi sarvabhuteshu', and goes on to include some breath-taking sargams, and a stretch from Carnatic composer Muthuswamy Dikshitar's 'Vatapi Ganapatim bhajeham' in raga Hamsadhwani. As a total surprise, we hear western classical snatches from Handel's 'Messiah' and Beethoven's '9th Symphony'.

'Seventh Heaven' is a wonderful adaptation of the Sufi piece 'Kadi aa mil sanwal yaar ve', written by Farhat Abbas Shah and popularised by Pakistan's Mekaal Hasan Band. The singing on this version is simply soulful.

On the title track, Anuradha uses raga Miyan ki Malhar. While the first half contains some melodic sarangi, sitar and shehnai, a dazzling orchestral portion brightens up the climax.

'Cloud 9', the only instrumental piece here, is set in the rare nine-beat cycle, and has a heady combination of Carnatic music and jazz, with a mesmerising violin stretch by Raghavendra Rao.

'Joy' explores the Rajasthani folk style of Maand, using a soothing sarangi and crisp vocals. The piece, which celebrates the return of a loved one, also moves between the Hindustani, Carnatic and jazz worlds. Finally, 'Recharged by Shiva' is an invocation to Lord Shiva, containing a good selection of devotional shlokas.

Being primarily a tabla player, Anuradha ensures that each piece contains some amount of virtuosity on that instrument, and produces some dazzling stretches. Yet, she never makes the tabla dominate over the other elements, using it for just the right amount to fit in perfectly with the nature of the compositions.

For that matter, each composition is perfectly balanced, between genres and instruments. And going by the sheer energy levels, this is an album that is bound to recharge you repeatedly.”
– Narendra Kusnur, noted music critic.


“Incredible combinations of World music, diverse genres & styles. The real trump card is Anuradha's astounding command over Tabla and other percussion instruments. An album that uplifts the soul! ”
– Sonu Nigam, Well-known Bollywood singer.

“An Awesome album.. Rocking percussions with beautiful melodies, Talas & brilliant rhythmic patterns ”
– Sivamani, Ace Percussionist.

“The album Recharge plus is truly a beautiful piece of art. The various genres interlaced with intricate rhythms are beautifully executed by Anuradha. It is really wonderful to see a classical Tabla virtuoso matured into an all round musician. Here's wishing Anuradha & her team all the very best! ”
– Shankar Mahadevan, Renowned Singer & composer.

“Wonderful, eclectic, warm organic music. The ears & the heart are both satisfied. Experimental, & eclectic, without loosing sight of its strong roots, this album is great for an average listener, as well as a professional musician. Truly super work Anuradhaji! Thanks for letting us have a preview! ”
– Vishal-Shekhar, Film music directors.

“I have just had the privilege of listening to some of the tracks from Anuradha Pal's recent album of Fusion exploration called 'Recharge Plus' and I was very pleasantly thrilled by the music! The arrangements are very well thought out and are replete with an interesting rhythmic mix of styles incorporating western rhythms like Latin & African in conjunction with north & south Indian patterns & forms with Jazz Music. The fusion flows effortlessly & seamlessly.. The strong Indian vocals by Sandeep, Aditya & others are very impressive and that is further complimented by solo interludes from sarangi, keyboards, shehnai, violin, saxophone & piano beautifully. Anuradha's expertise on the various Indian & African instruments, in addition to her superb Tabla playing is admirable. I love the sufi track in seven , the latin track in five, the next track in nine... all very lyrical & melodious, interactive with exciting interludes & accompaniment. All in all, Recharge Plus is a highly refreshing album of World Music.. I enjoyed it.. my congratulations to Anuradha's creativity & the superb execution by the musicians & singers.. I wish the album great success! ”
– Louis Banks, Jazz Maestro.

“Anuradha Pal's Recharge Plus CD is an incredible amalgam of the best of World music - African, latin, Indian, western classical & Jazz musical genres all superbly blended together with atleast 30 instruments from around the globe. Anuradha Pal excels not only as a top class Tabla virtuoso & multi percussionist, but also as a music composer of incredible talent! She infuses dynamic energy & clear concepts in every track.. A must for Fusion music lovers! ”
– Grammy Award winner, Pt. V.M Bhatt.

“All the tracks are superb.. Difficult to say which is the best- my favorites are Recharge Plus & High Voltage.. beautiful sound designing & great work.. Recharge Plus will make people recharged 100% !! God bless Anuradhaji. ”
– Kavita Seth, wellknown Sufi Singer.

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