Social Transformation through Music


Anuradha Pal Cultural Foundation (APCF) is a non-profit company dedicated to preserving traditional Indian culture, empowering women & youth, promoting unity amidst diversity & environmental awareness. Tabla maestro, Anuradha Pal channels her foundation APCF to conceptualise and curate ‘Wellness Experiences’ – by presenting a unique, holistic approach to elevate the five senses and achieve a healthy mind, body and soul, by using the therapeutic benefits of Musical and Rhythmic Meditation. APCF’s flagship socio-cultural initiatives

  1. Positive Weekends™
  2. Workshops of Wellness(WOW)
have already benefited over 8000 children and 2500 adults in India, towards wellness and positivity. APCF will now be especially curating thematic events with ‘Anuradha Pal and Friends’ presenting a musical kaleidoscope – ranging from Classical to Semi Classical to Bollywood music. Combining education & entertainment, we will explain music appreciation, the ragas, talas and emotions behind the music and how music has evolved.


Positive Weekends™ by APCF offers transformative experiences, combining music concerts, meditation, yoga and environmental awareness. Seasons 1 & 2 impacted over 2500 lives with performances by 35 leading musicians and dancers, all free for attendees. This initiative fosters positive interactions and bonding across age groups and classes.

VOLUNTEER – You are welcome to volunteer and join us in this noble cause and/or support us in any way. Please feel free to get in touch with us on +(91) 98219 24847.

APCF’s ‘Workshops of Wellness‘ (WOW) is highly regarded by corporates for team building and embraced by educational institutions to enhance focus, creativity, and critical thinking. Over 6000 students have benefitted from performances by 75 leading artists, receiving accolades from esteemed individuals and garnering rave reviews from the media and educational institutions.

In recognition of our commitment & contributions to music and society, our director Anuradha Pal received the Mumbai Cultural Sustainability award from Vivekanand youth Foundation (2024) and the WOW Iconic Award 2023. APCF bears all the costs of events including artist fees, light, sound, decoration, marketing and publicity expenses and relies solely on public donations. APCF is a financially compliant div 8 company with 80G and 12A certifications that offers tax exemptions to donors and sponsors. Your generous contribution is extremely valuable to us, as it directly impacts society’s well-being. We appeal for your support to continue our noble cause.
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Through two flagship programs, APCF aims to:

  • Preserve and propagate traditional Indian culture and art forms.
  • Help youth find focus and inner peace through therapeutic music events, including musical meditation with diverse styles.

The scientifically proven benefits of listening and learning Indian Classical Music include:

  • Inculcating focused learning, creativity, critical thinking, and language development.
  • Promoting strong emotional and cognitive development, countering the effects of brain ageing.
  • Increasing intelligence, confidence, group cohesiveness, and teamwork, leading to inner peace and positivity.
  • Improving interpersonal and professional relationships.
  • Moderating blood pressure, hypertension, fevers, and headaches by inducing relaxation and enhancing mood, bringing about positive transformation.
  • Aiding the development of children diagnosed with ADHD, autism, and other learning disorders through the therapeutic powers of Indian Music.