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Anuradha Pal continually pioneers Indian and international collaborations across diverse cultures and traditions. From partnering with the all-female String Quartet BOND to collaborating with Flamenco dancers, Jazz, Blues, New Age, and World beat musicians, poets, writers and painters, her work resonates globally, blending innovation and cultural exchange, at the forefront of her artistic endeavors.

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Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and ShahidParvez, met their match in Anuradha Pal, perhaps the first full-fledged woman Tabla player who could, so it seemed, hold her own against the guiles of any male melody maker. This brilliant percussionist with the most pliable fingers in the world improvises freely and felicitously in any speed.

Shubha Mudgal on vocals and Anuradha Pal on the Tabla made a lively pair and should turn out to be a refreshing couple. Anuradha’s Tabla enunciation is bold & can be full of explicit expression. As an accompanist, she could become an additional voice, like Zakir Hussain, her Guru, is when he accompanies a singer.

Anuradha Pal’s deftness on the complex rhythmic improvisations commingles with Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan’s brilliant improvisations resulting in a fine music concert by the masters. It is a sheer magical experience to hear the gradual acceleration of the tempo from slow pace to a frenzied crescendo.

In every gesture of rhythm and movement of her head, hand, twitching of her parted lips, Anuradha Pal reveals her globally famous Guru, Zakir Hussain. Not for Anuradha to ever flinch in step while accompanying two hardened performers who hold rhythm by the scruff. And the young lady was not a bit self-conscious while handling the drums.

Anuradha Pal on Tabla produced electrifying beats and showed her mastery over the instrument. While she accompanied the flautist, Ronu Majumdar with the greatest of ease, when her turn came for the solo performance, she rose to great heights and gave the audience many thrilling moments.