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‘Get Recharged CD by Anuradha Pal’...
Anuradha Pal's Get Recharged album available for digital download on iTunes , Artist Aloud , Hungama, Airtel Wynk, Spotify, 7digital, Vodafone Re. 1 store, Reliance all@1 store, Aircel pocket Store & Airtel super store & all other major music stores around the world.
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Anuradha Pal's Get Recharged is an eclectic combination of various elements of Indian, Western classical & Jazz music combined with African & Latin Percussion.

Featured on this album, is a magical weave of energizing, inspiring and soothing music, that will instantly calm our frayed nerves, leading to inner peace and joy.

“When a composer tries to cram every single musical influence of their life into one single work, one might well expect an unmitigated disaster. But Anuradha Pal pulls it off with wit & panache, which leaves one quite speechless with admiration & respect. Its only to be expected from one who is already something of a maverick among Indian female musicians, having trained under the likes of late Ustad Alla Rakha and his son Zakir Hussain, at a time when Tabla was a no-go area for women. Undaunted by the condescending accolades such as the 'prettier face of Tabla', Anuradha then went on to form her own band, Recharge...

There is a whole array of musicians featured, playing Jazz Saxophone, Flute and keyboards, with Anuradha Pal herself playing some dizzying and dazzling Tabla as well as other percussion instruments like Kanjira and Udu. The Album makes fleeting references to virtually every kind of music, yet most tracks still retain a distinctly semi classical flavor. 'Lonely hearts' in the Rajasthani folk inspired Raga Mand is beautifully evocative, with the percussion replicating the rhythm of the camels trundling across vast sand dunes.

The vocals of unknowns Chandanabala & Nanuram Dogney hold you until the last breath on 'A prayer for World peace'. It begins with a shloka (a prayer from the Bhagwad Geeta) and progresses to the 'Azaan' (muslim call to prayer) before moving on to a deeply patriotic song, ending with a phrase from Mahatma Gandhi's favorite Bhajan. (Hindu hymn) It works like a dream.”
– Reviewed by Jameela Sidiqui for Songlines magazine, U.K.

“This is an energetic effort from the country's only professional female Tabla player. Recharge, Pal's world music band, has the distinction of being the only fusion band to perform at Woodstock 2008. This album is a mellifluous blend of classical (Hindustani and Carnatic), folk, pop and jazz styles. However, the emerging sound is distinctly Indian. An album for those who appreciate fusion music. ”
– The Hindu.


“Extremely well composed, with careful thought and hard work, Anuradha Pal's Recharge band combines the best of the worlds' music, in an energizing and peaceful combination. May God bless this artist, who is always striving for more... ”
– Veteran Flautist Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia.

“Anuradha Pal's Recharge truly captures the real essence of World music. All the compositions are really very beautiful and soothing and indeed very rich rhythmically too. I bless Anuradha Pal, who has taken so much effort to compose this wonderful music, which she has done very successfully indeed. May God bless her with more & more success and musical excellence always! ”
– Veteran Vocalist Pandit Jasraj.

“Rhythm is a very basic aspect of music. To bring artistry, nuances and craft into it is extremely challenging, something that Anuradhaji has managed beautifully. Sur is embellished by various types of Taal. One is introduced to a wide array of rhythms in a very enjoyable & engrossing manner; and before you know it, the album is over. A very beautifully composed album. I particularly enjoyed the track 'Energy'. ”
– Renowned Lyricist Prasoon Joshi.

“Groovy rhythms, superb melodies and a refreshing fusion of World Music; which will surely captivate the masses. Anuradha Pal's Recharge is a sure shot winner. Anuradha Pal has been a great inspiration to us since our college days. We respect her as one of the most amazing Tabla players in the World. We wish her great success in her many collaborations. ”
– Composer duo Sajid-Wajid.

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