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Anuradha Pal in Tabla Jugalbandi with herself
Interactive Stories through innovative, rhythmic dialogue
Photo Credit: Inni Singh

An innovative rhythmic dialogue, presenting a synthesis between the traditional & the contemporary.

Anuradha presents easy to understand, original Stories on Tabla - husband-wife arguing, mother-daughter interaction, stories from the Ramayan & Mahabharat epics, Ardhanarishwar i.e. purush & prakruti in Indian spirituality & contemporary interpretations of magic of monsoons, steam engine, horse galloping, Mumbai traffic & festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ram Navami etc.

Anuradha has presented this item at several important rhythm festivals in India & abroad. Connoisseurs and masses alike, have greatly appreciated this inimitable presentation for its innate classicism, universal appeal & mass, interactive connect.

Anuradha Pal in Tabla Jugalbandi with herself With Ustad Zakir Hussain
Ardhanarishwari - Shankara & Durga in Tabla Jugalbandi Trimurti Jugalbandi
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  Press Reviews for Anuradha Pal’s Tabla Solo/ Jugalbandi Performances
“Counting beats and classifying rhythm patterns have their place. Anuradha Pal, beautiful in her brilliance when on stage, clear as much in her articulation as on the Tabla, relates the sounds, regular in their aavartans, to varying contexts in everyday life. She calls her unusual performance a Jugalbandi - one between her traditional base and contemporary explorations and between Purush and Prakriti with raags Shankara and Durga in the background. With rise and fall in pitch and pace of beats, she relates them to man-woman dialogue, Lord Nataraj’s damaru, Radha’s sulking mood, a horse’s gallop, a train crossing another and finally thunder, lightning and rain. One gets reminded of Birju Maharaj talking about rhythm and movement in nature."
  - Dr. S.D. Desai, Performance Art Critic.
“She is as comfortable with following the tradition of her Punjab Gharana (she has imbibed the nuances of all the five gharanas) as she is with indulging in genre-free music. For Anuradha creativity is about extending frontiers, thinking beyond divides and being honest to the art. "
  - The Hindu.
“Anuradha carries the methodical intuition of her Ustads, their clarity and showmanship in finger movements. Then, she has the dynamism, temperament and the "presence" of Pandit Kishan Maharaj, the tough lure for softness and detail of Pandit Shamta Prasad and a shooting madness for intrinsic fireworks of Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa."
  - The New Indian Express.
“The mesmerizing Tabla session by renowned Tabla player, Anuradha Pal was brilliantly kept in tune with the present day trends. She showed how the Tabla has both emotion and expression and played certain situations and sequences, such as the tug between mother and daughter, a journey in a Mumbai local train and much more on the Tabla. She truly exhibited the genius acquired from her illustrious mentors, Ustad Alla Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain."
  - Powai Times.
“In the realm of Indian classical music, classical musician Anuradha Pal stands apart for more reasons than one. Feminine grace personified, she chose to storm a male bastion and is today easily the most distinguished female Tabla player the nation can boast of. In a cut-throat, competitive world where each one is out to promote oneself, she has taken it upon herself to showcase upcoming talent.”
  - The Tribune.
“Her music commands reverence… You want to shut your eyes because Anuradha is so strong as a performer, so perfectly placed in the competitive percussion world, that you really want to forget for a moment that she is a woman. You just want to focus on the music.”
  - Hindustan Times.
"She displayed dexterity playing typical "uthaans" and "gats" of Punjab Gharana… Amidst Laudatory claps from intrusive audience she embellished the table bolls with mathematical precision and artistic endurance. She delineated certain dialogues in tabla jugalbandi to the delight of the audience before concluding with an electrifying sequence of rela…"   
  - The Tribune.
“Tabla star turns the tables… Anuradha Pal mesmerizes with her astounding mastery over the Tabla.” 
  - Straits Times, Singapore.
“The energetic percussionist Anuradha Pal utilises every aspect of the Tabla’s body with the finesse of an Ustad…’’ 
  - A.V. Max Music Magazine.
“Rhythmic Tabla wonder-A virtuoso par excellence.”     
  - Herald Sun, Australia.
“Tabla Wizard...  Beyond her years.”
  - The Tribune.


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