Anuradha Pal Cultural Academy (APCA)
“Welcome to the Anuradha Pal Cultural Academy (APCA)! Our philosophy is to impart high-quality music education through innovative methods, ensuring that students have fun while they learn!” – Tabla Guru, Anuradha Pal
Unlock the magic of Indian music. Join APCA to learn:
  • Unique exercises to aid finger and wrist ments.
  • Structured and organised training modules.
  • Innovative practice techniques that are easily adaptable to each student’s ability.
  • Training for all levels — foundation, intermediate, advanced and professional.
  • An exceptional, defined curriculum taught by our expert teachers.
  • Certifications by accredited institutions.
  • Online learning at your own pace and time, in an easy and lucid manner.
Unlock your inner musician with us and take your passion to the next level. Discover the magic of music with workshops and Baithak concerts at our academy, that transport you through the enchanting world of ragas & rhythms and enhance your learning process. APCA provides performance opportunities and examinations to keep students motivated and focused. Additionally, APCA will soon be launching online classes and a music app for learning Violin, Ghatam, Tabla, and Sitar. We invite you to join the Anuradha Pal Cultural Academy and embark on a musical journey of learning, creativity, and joy. ENROLL NOW




Tabla Guru, Anuradha Pal

Anuradha Pal has been teaching Indian Rhythm and Tabla at prestigious institutions such as the New England Conservatory, Harvard, MIT, Berklee School (USA), universities in Europe, the UK, Australia, and India. She is an M.A. Music university topper and has developed a new pedagogical approach to teaching Indian Music, making it more scientific and easily relatable.

She was one of the first musicians to release instructional video training DVDs in 2002, long before online study became popular. She has also released modules on YouTube and various platforms to educate global audiences about the origin, development, and depth of Indian Classical Music traditions.

Learn Table Well DVD 1

Learn Tabla Well DVD 1

Learn Table Well DVD 1

Learn Tabla Well DVD 2

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