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"...This drives stalwarts like Anuradha Pal to perform the most complex elements and concepts with astounding flexibility and fluidity. Pal is pursuing the tabla jugalbandi, a dual approach to a solo where she plays the sawaal-jawaab (the question and answer), on the tabla. She uses raag Shankara and Durga to express the concept of Ardhanarishwar. She is also trying to develop the musical concepts of alaap, jod and jhala in Tabla."   
- The New Indian Express, 2014.
"She has not just shattered the stereotypical image of women musicians but has established herself as the country‘s only woman Tabla player who is pushing the dimensions with her experimentations. Today Anuradha Pal‘s name commands as much respect as that of Ustad Zakir Hussain due to her immense talent & undiluted hard work "   
- The South Asian Life & Times.
"Her music commands reverence. You want to shut your eyes because Anuradha is so strong as a performer, so perfectly placed in the competitive percussion world, that you really want to forget for a moment that she is a woman. You just want to focus on the music."   
- Hindustan Times, 2010.
"The mesmerizing Tabla session by renowned Tabla player, Anuradha Pal was brilliantly kept in tune with the present day trends. She showed how the Tabla has both emotion and expression and played certain situations and sequences, such as the tug between mother and daughter, a journey in a Mumbai local train and much more on the Tabla. She truly exhibited the genius acquired from her illustrious mentors, Ustad Alla Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain."  
- Powai Times, 2013.
"Anuradha carries the methodical intuition of her Ustads, their clarity and showmanship in finger movements. Then, she has the dynamism, temperament and the 'presence' of Pandit Kishan Maharaj, the tough lure for softness and detail of Pandit Shamta Prasad and a shooting madness for intrinsic fireworks of Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa."  
- The New Indian Express, 2013.
"She is as comfortable with following the tradition of her Punjab Gharana (she has imbibed the nuances of all the five gharanas) as she is with indulging in genre-free music. For Anuradha creativity is about extending frontiers, thinking beyond divides and being honest to the art."  
- The Hindu, 2013.
"In the realm of Indian classical music, classical musician Anuradha Pal stands apart for more reasons than one. Feminine grace personified, she chose to storm a male bastion and is today easily the most distinguished female tabla player the nation can boast of. In a cut-throat, competitive world where each one is out to promote oneself, she has taken it upon herself to showcase upcoming talent."  
- The Tribune, 2012.
"The hypnotizing quality of her music has left her audience captivated and mesmerized while the co-ordinated effort of her fingers relay the enchanting music to the masses."  
- PlanetRadiocity.com
"There are at least 15 percussionists who play as well as me, if not better. There are many fine tabla players but the media needs to discover them like Swapan Chowdhury, Fazal Qureshi, Anuradha Pal, Yogesh Samsi, Rashid Mustafa, Shubhankar Banerjee... just Google 'tabla' and you will find them all."  
- "Who is the next big percussionist?" - Interview with Ustad Zakir Hussain in Hindustan Times 29 Jan, 2010
"Basically, she's inspirational to any woman, especially any woman looking to make a career for herself in the arts. With all that said, go listen to her music and read more about her. It'll blow your mind, if it isn't blown already."  
- Tom Tom Magazine, 2010.
"The world-renowned star tabla virtuoso and percussionist Anuradha Pal is reigning supreme as the only female percussionist to have represented India to major festivals. She has emerged as a colossus on the percussion firmament as a tabla soloist and accompanist with top Indian and foreign classical musicians and dancers in major festivals in the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Africa."  
- The Tribune, 2009.
"Watching Anuradha play the Tabla is a mesmerising experience. The clarity of the Parans, the perfect conclusion of Tihayis... Like her Gurus, we can hear in her Tabla the sound of the horses’ heels, the waterfalls, the rain, the lightning and thunder. Her fingers dance elegantly when she plays. Her eyes lashing out. Her face expressive... and she plays her tabla to perfection."  
- Deshabhimani (Malayalam Daily), Cochin, 2006.
"Anuradha Pal was divine. People as dumb as moi, knowing head nor tail nor flea about Indian classical music, had the time of their life. Ah! Cut out the 'classical' part. The music was electrifying! No wonder her new album'’'s called 'Recharge'."  
Iris festival, 2009.
"The clarity and balance of the tabla and 'bayan', precision in rhythm and cross-rhythms combined with a repertoire of compositions makes Anuradha's solo as well as accompaniment concerts a delight."  
- Hindustan Times, htlive, 2009.
"Rhythm in music is perfect cadence and paramount to create a cohesive melody was proved in her dazzling performance marked with profound creativity, tremendous clarity and a fine tonal quality, along with exciting rhythmic improvisations, with spontaneity. Disciple of tabla maestros, the late Ustad Alla Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain, she commenced with a traditional Peshkar, gradually introducing to a wider range of phrases and sounds. The qayida followed by a sequence of improvised variations in palta, laagi, ladi and more. She displayed dexterity playing typical 'uthaans'; and 'gats' of Punjab gharana showing different kinds of layakaris. Amidst laudatory claps from intrusive audience she embellished the tabla bols with mathematical precision and artistic endurance. She delineated certain dialogues in tabla jugalbandi to the delight of audience before concluding with an electrifying sequence of rela."  
- The Tribune, 2009.
"Anuradha Pal... combated every hurdle and is a well known tabla player today. For her, it has been a hard-won battle in a field traditionally dominated by men. Having performed with maestros like Pandit Jasraj, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Vishwamohan Bhatt, Zakir Hussian however, her name today commands as much respect as any prominent male tabla player."  
- Anita Iyer, Radioandmusic.com, 2008.
"She kicks in solid beats. With the progression in the rhythms, there emerges an intensity that has over the years vowed classical music connoisseurs. Anuradha Pal bent the rules of a male-centric profession by taking up the tabla and successfully drumming up her passion."  
- DNA, 2007.
"Bangkok's 9th International Festival of Dance and Music, was graced by the presence of HRH Princess of Thailand, Mahachakri Sirindon where Anuradha Pal, one of India's leading and most innovative percussionists presented Stree Shakti, Asia's much acclaimed all female percussion ensemble. Anuradha Pal kept the audience spellbound playing the Tabla at a mind blowing speed mesmerizing all those present with her rhythms using traditional instruments like Mridangam, Kanjira, Ghatam and moorsing along with Sitar. The ensemble producing some really powerful beats performing expertly, with vigorous energy and with amazing coordination. A memorable performance!"  
- Bangkok Post, 2007.
"With charisma, charm and wit, Anuradha Pal welcomed us to an engaging glimpse of the Tabla at New England Conservatory. As she spoke about her instrument, her life and her music, I sensed an artist who beautifully fuses her deep respect for tradition and her spiritual upbringing with youthful energy, broad perspectives and boundless ambition. As she played she smiled with the innocence of a ten year-old and gazed at us with deeply telling and sensitive eyes. With breath-taking technique and imagination, her Tabla was as versatile as a language and told a story through tones, inflections and rhythm. One of the most important lessons watching her was the way she presented the Tabla. She was dynamic, made us laugh, impressed us, took us for a ride in rhythms."  
- India Abroad, USA, 2006.
"The crowd clapped intermittently showing their appreciation. However, literally everyone who had a chance to visit the place listened religiously and looked very refreshed and fulfilled at the end of it."  
- Nagpur CityLine, 2005.
"She dismisses the handicap of not coming from a musical family. She also demolishes the myth that the soft feminine hands are not meant for Tabla."  
- The South Asian Life & Times, 2004.
"Ideals of an Idol- adventure diva Anuradha Pal- a percussionist par Excellence."  
- Rave Music Magazine, 2004.
"Poetry flows out of Anuradha’s soft fingers”- ‘Willing suspension of disbelief’ - thus said the famous poet Coleridge in his landmark poem 'The Ancient Mariner.' You realize his words holding water when you witness a very delicate and soft spoken, 30-year-old Mumbai-based Anuradha Pal, India's first and the only female professional Tabla player, play the instrument with remarkable ease. Her docile demeanor, long silky hair and traditional looks are just contrary to her profession that demands a tough looking, damn-caring attitude. Her soft fingers beat the hard instrument making her come out with rhythms, which are not a usual sight in Tabla concerts. She will hypnotize you with the steam engine thumps on Tabla, her own 'rain' composition, Lord Shiva's nritya, the sound of damru, along with rhythm on Punjab gharana, Benaras gharana, Farrukhabad gharana and Delhi specialty in two fingers and a lot more."  
- The Tribune, 2002.
"Anuradha Pal, the country’s celebrated Tabla player has many firsts to her credit. Apart from being the only woman to have ever mastered this difficult art from Ustad Alla Rakha, she has gone beyond her guru’s celebrity glare. Today, she stands as a woman known for her talent, her firm ethics and one who has made it big on her terms. Anuradha is that kind of fiery artist who has not only talked the talk but also walked the walk."  
- The Afternoon Despatch & Courier, 2002.
"Her performance could well be a benchmark for women’s foray in the male dominated world of Tabla players. Hence, it is not surprising that Anuradha Pal is called the most influential female musician of Indian classical music."  
- A.V. Max Music Magazine, 2001.
"Rapturous applause ...her command over different layakaris casting a magical sway over the packed audience. Amazing knowledge, control & balance reflects in every performance. An outstanding consistent performer."  
- Punjab Kesari, 2001.
"Anuradha steals many a hearts."  
- The Tribune, 2001.
"The audience matched their applause with her rhythmic magic"  
- Times of India, 2001.
"Fastest fingers first."  
- Bombay Times, 2001.
"A power packed solo performance by Anuradha. An instant rapport with the audience, delectable blend of all traditional gharanas with an individual stamp of creativity, spontaneity, & improvisation with power & clarity is characteristic of Anuradha Pal’s style."  
- The Tribune, 2001.
"Anuradha Pal- Breaking free of boundaries- Long ago, she broke a male bastion in music & now, India’s first female professional Tabla player is poised to become so famous that she needs no introduction."  
- India Weekly, Australia, 2000.
"Performance art in India is now being inscribed by the youthful and feminine presence of Ms Anuradha Pal, a Tabla exponent who has braved male bastions and asserted herself as an accompanist and solo artist. She is known for her outpoured enthusiasm and efflorescent flourish extracted from the Tabla. Her concerns go beyond the skill of playing the simple language of the drums as she seeks the condition of tempestuous soundscapes. Her predilection for generating bold clusters of the sound syllables in all the taala-s and movements of the tabla, separate her from the ordinary musician. The release of her CD‘s show her in her element as a composer as well as a performer and designer with sharp awareness of modern times and music."  
- Cafemumbai.com, 2000.
"30 leading Women of India- Tabla Phenomenon Anuradha Pal!"  
- India Today, 2000.
"Wah Ustad!"  
- Bombay Times, 2000.
"Tabla maestro & music composer Anuradha Pal- Raising the standards of musicianship"  
- BBC Folk roots magazine, 1998.
"We were virtually aware of the vigour & force of Durga through Anuradha’s throbbing drums."  
- Indian Express, 1998.
"Anuradha’s superior skill, speed & tremendous clarity coupled with a perfectionist approach, gives her a winning edge over other Tabla players"  
- The Tribune, 1997.
"Heralding a musical revolution-Another male bastion stormed."  
- Sunday Observer, 1996.
"Prodigy Anuradha Pal- walking the unbeaten path."  
- Indian Express, 1996.
"Animated Tabla under her control."  
- Times of India, 1995.
"A great musician-Anuradha held the audience spellbound. No repetition, no pause... Just a continuous flow of sound energy making a deep impact on the listeners. And she got applause, often & thunderous"  
- The Afternoon Despatch & Courier, 1995.
"Phenomenal Talent Anuradha Pal displayed virtuosity beyond compare. Her fingers danced on the Tabla, her eyes flashed, her face spoke and her entire frame lit up as she played like one possessed."  
- Midday, 1994.
"Top class musician, Anuradha has enhanced the star appeal of the Tabla. The hard work she has put in, her one tracked involvement, her unwavering dedication has paid off. She has acquired the skills from top class gurus, practiced like one possessed and arrived at the age of 21."  
- The Afternoon Despatch & Courier, 1994.
"Marching to a different beat, her rendition keeps her audience enthralled as she plays the Tabla with a natural ease that has been honed by perseverant practise."  
- Sunday Observer, 1993.
"Anuradha Pal wows music lovers in Dallas… intense energy, vigor and clarity of beats as a result of superb training and years of dedicated practice."  
- Indo American News, 1993.
"Exceptional mastery by Anuradha on Tabla! Zakira in the making!"  
- Midday, 1988.
"Her pulse throbs to another beat."  
- The Afternoon Despatch & Courier, 1987.
"Petite and barely in her teens, Anuradha Pal almost brought down the house with a rousing recital of the Tabla playing Teental. Anuradha’s mastery over the Tabla is undoubtedly exceptional. She plays with a spirited verve and obvious enjoyment. It would be no exaggeration to say that she is a ‘Zakira’ in the making."  
- Maharashtra Times, 1987.
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