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  A scintillating Tabla solo by India’s foremost & most well respected woman percussionist Anuradha Pal & disciple of Tabla legends Ustad Alla Rakha & Zakir Hussain, presenting the myriad hues of one of the most popular percussion instrument at its creative best. Genre-Tabla/Percussion.4 Tracks- The popular Teentaal (Vilambit & Drut), Jhaptaal & the rare Ardha Jaitaal.
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“Whether it is the kinar, syahi or the maidan, the energetic percussionist Anuradha Pal utilises every aspect of the Tabla’s body with the finesse of an Ustad. Anuradha Pal’s efforts to promote the Tabla as a solo instrument and not just as an accompanist succeed on this album. It is commendable that Anuradha Pal, with her improvisational dexterity, has managed to come out of the shadow of stalwarts from whom she has imbibed her art of playing. In this album, her performance could well be a benchmark for women’s foray in the male dominated
World of Tabla players. Hence, it is not surprising that Anuradha Pal is called the most influential female musician of Indian classical music. The album is entertaining also for those who haven’t heard Tabla much. ‘Anu’ is Anokha (special) for its comprehensibility. Anokha Mazaa!! ”
- A.V Max Magazine, June 2001.
“Anuradha Pal is a new meteor on the horizon. Blazing a new trail in the art of Tabla performance, she has conquered a territory of music as a performer with tremendous enthusiasm combining grace with grit. The Tabla takes on a new energy with her skill and artistry combining with her vision for collaboration and design in music. The patterns of different talas of Hindustani music are rendered in devastating new colours. A combination of emotional cadence and breath- taking speed- a nimble craft that is all her own.”
- Café Mumbai.com, 2001.
“Well, here’s an album that knocked the wind out of me on the first listen itself. ‘ Anu’ features an amazing Tabla solo by Anuradha Pal. Its lilting rhythm and melody is sure to enthrall you, especially the first piece of the ‘A’ side. ‘Vilambit Teentaal’ a 25 minute performance. On the flip side I liked ‘Drut Teentaal’ quite a lot too. No it’s not your conventional everyday music, but this lady’s certainly got a whole lot of talent. Worth checking out!”
- Shruti Magazine, 2001.
“Listen to Anuradha Pal’s latest offering, a four track Tabla solo CD title Anokha and you will be captivated by her nimble fingers executing complex rhythmic patterns at great speed. The magnitude of Anuradha’s spirited effort shines through every note and syllable. A true groundbreaker!!
- BBC Folk Roots Magazine, 1999.
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