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An exhilarating celebration of diversity through Music

An extremely unique & ‘electrifying fusion’ of Sufi, Rajasthani Folk, Indian Classical & Jazz Music, recharged with passionate & groovy rhythms from Africa, Latin America & India; connecting people & cultures from around the globe, celebrating unity amidst diversity.

Combining the ‘best of the Worlds’ music in an energizing & peaceful combination’, Su-Fo-Re- was India’s only representation at the world-renowned Woodstock Festival (2008) in Poland, where they performed for 400,000 fans.

Their concert tour of Brazil, during the Festival of India, 2011, featured some stunning performances to rapturous applause from packed audiences, who swayed and danced, getting recharged with their music.

Their first album ‘Get Recharged!!!’ was nominated in the ‘Best Fusion Album’ category at the GiMA Awards & the follow-up album, ‘Recharge Plus’ was featured among the top World Music albums in the Nokia Music store.

Su-Fo-Re- Showreel Performing at the Woodstock Festival, 2008
Performing a tribute to India’s cultural diversity Su-Fo-Re- (Rajasthani Folk Music)
To view more videos Click here
To listen to Anuradha Pal’s Get Recharged !!! album Click Here
  Appreciation for Anuradha Pal’s Su-Fo-Re- band
“Startling eclectic sounds from Tabla phenomenon Anuradha Pal who pulls it off with wit and panache. It works like a dream”
  -Songlines Magazine, UK.
“A mellifluous blend of classical (Hindustani and Carnatic), folk, pop and jazz styles. A band for those who appreciate fusion music.”
  - The Hindu.
“Truly captures the real essence of World Music. Beautiful, soothing and very rich rhythmically too.”
  - Sangeet Martand Pt. Jasraj.
“Best of the Worlds' music, in an energizing and peaceful combination.”
  - Legendary Flautist Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia.
“Mind blowing amalgam of World music- dynamic energy & concepts in every composition… Anuradha excels as a multi percussionist & a composer!”
  - Grammy Award winner, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.
“A beautiful piece of art. The various genres interlaced with intricate rhythms are beautifully executed by Anuradha, who has excelled as a World Music composer”
  - Renowned Singer, Shankar Mahadevan.
“Rocking percussions with beautiful melodies, brilliant rhythmic patterns.”
  - Ace Percussionist, Sivamani.
“Wonderful, eclectic, experimental, warm organic music. Truly super work Anuradhaji.”
  - Vishal-Shekhar.
“Groovy rhythms, superb melodies, refreshing World Music. A sure shot winner.”
  - Sajid-Wajid.
“Very well thought out arrangements, interesting rhythmic styles. The fusion flows effortlessly & seamlessly.”
  - Jazz Maestro, Louiz Banks.

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